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Featured Products: OKARA POWDER, Fine Curry Flake

Featured Products:  Freeze-dried Natto, PREMA Organic Komatsuna Pure Powder, Double Koji Miso (Rice miso), Miso Powder “Furi Furu” Vintage, Miso Powder “Furi Furu” Original

Chef Kajsa Alger

Kajsa (“sasha”) Alger is an American chef with over 30 years in the restaurant business. She started her career working with iconic chefs like Judy Rogers, Susan Feniger, Mary Sue Milliken and David Kinch and moved on to open several successful restaurants of her own. 

She lives in Los Angeles and is currently the Vice President of Food & Beverage at Veggie Grill, Inc – the largest plant-based (vegan) restaurant group in the country, with over 30 restaurants nationwide. Kajsa oversees 3 brands for Veggie Grill, including Stand Up Burgers (an all plant-based burger and milkshake restaurant) and Mas Veggies Taqueria, a plant-based Mexican concept. 

Kajsa also runs the Spice Bandit Test Kitchen, which does restaurant consulting and recipe testing for different companies worldwide.

Chef Kajsa is excited to be partnering with JETRO LA and Gunma Vegan Project in promoting Japanese agriculture and food products for use by Chefs and home cooks in the United States.