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This product can be used as it is as a "dressing" or "sauce", but it is also a multi-use product that can be used as a seasoning for cooking or as a secret ingredient. It is healthy because it has no fat, and it has a strong bonito flavor and umami, so if you use it a lot for cooking, any dish will have a Japanese taste. Adding a small amount to the dish will improve the taste. It is a magic sauce that can change the taste according to the taste of the cook.


soybeans, wheat, bonito

ALLERGENS (if applicable)

soybeans, wheat, bonito


1.97" x 1.97" x 7.87", 8.11 oz.


365 days, room temp

Our management philosophy is to create "new," "delicious," "easy," and "special" foods. We will change the existing way of thinking about food and propose new food. In September 2020, we were selected as one of the participants in the "BS Fuji Export Expansion Support Project" organized by BS Fuji, and successfully exported a paid sample of our products to the United States. In December, we were approached by a store in New York for test sales, and we will export few cases to New York in January 2021.