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We named this sake “Prototype,” because we continue to challenge myself to new things. It also has the meaning of going back to the beginnings; thinking back to the origins of sake brewing. For this sake, Hitogokochi which is a sake specific rice from local area, is carefully selected and polished down to 40% remaining. All the koji is handmade and the sake is brewed with an especially pure underground water from Mt. Senjo, a 3000m peak of Japan Alps. It has a pronounced clarity, a clean taste, and an elegant, gentle sweetness.


Rice, Koji

ALLERGENS (if applicable)


2.95" x 2.95" x 11.61", 24.35 oz


store at room temp


In 1866, towards the end of the Edo period, Matsujirou Kurogouchi and his family started a small Sake brewery called Senjo named after Mt. Senjo a 3,000 meters peak in the Japan Alps. Our leading brand, KUROMATSU was named after the founder; MATSUJIRO KUROGOUCHI and since its introduction in the 1960’s has grown to become the number one sake choice for people in NAGANO as well as neighboring regions. We are continuously making an effort to improve ourselves and our skills in order to brew the best sake, to touch the hearts of drinkers, and find business partners with whom we can share our passion and enthusiasm.