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Certified Organic

Kumano sour plums are aged in plum barrels for more than three years to allow the salt and plums to come together. The deep flavor created by the aging process is considered a delicacy to experts who love pickled plums. This product is made by freeze-drying additive-free pickled plums that have not been subjected to salt reduction.


Organic Ume, Sea salt

ALLERGENS (if applicable)


1.57" x 1.57" x 5.31", 1.76 oz


1095 days, room temp


Agricultural methods that are gentle to consumers, cultivators, and the environment. Kishu Kuchikumano, in the Kinan region of Wakayama Prefecture, is the gateway to Kumano Kodo, a World Heritage Site. Our plum fields are located deep in the mountains, in a remote area blessed by the rich natural environment of Kumano. Nanko plums are grown naturally without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We carry out rigorous cultivation management, and have acquired organic certification from JAS since 2013. We are audited and inspected by the Wakayama Organic Certification Association every year. Every year, we invite local children to the plum fields to experience the harvest. The children eat the ripe, freshly picked plums, with their sweet aroma, and cry out about how sour and delicious they are. This is the moment when they felt the taste of nature. Yasashi Umeya handles safe Nanko plums made without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. They are tested by international organizations for pesticide residue, and are found to be pesticide free every year. We wanted to pass down agriculture that is gentle to the consumers, the cultivators, and the environment to future generations. Organic cultivation was the answer. Organic Nanko plums are raised in the natural environment of Kumano, Kishu, a land of revival. We deliver products gentle to both consumers and the environment farm-fresh.