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SHIZUOKA MATCHA 1kg (35.2oz)

SHIZUOKA MATCHA 1kg (35.2oz)

Our Matcha is from Shizuoka, which is known as the greatest tea manufacturing prefecture in Japan.Unique flavor and beautiful green color are useful as an ingredient for cooking meal and sweets.


Matcha (green tea)

ALLERGENS (if applicable)


4.92" x 2.76" x 13.39", 35.2 oz
Also available in 500g


365 days, room temp

SHIZUOKA MATCHA 1kg (35.2oz)

Our company was established in 1865. Firstly as a grocer, but entered in a tea business around 1878, which is a local industry of Shizuoka. When overseas demand of green tea became higher around 1914, we reinforced export business. While producing OEM teas for mass retailers, we also launched our own "brand" which is focusing mainly on higher quality green teas and to appeal the attractiveness of green tea to the world.