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• Merchandise for sale shop • Storage at a room temperature (use by date: 1 year) • Boil for 3 minutes


buckwheat flour (50%), wheat flour (48%), salt (2%)

ALLERGENS (if applicable)


7.08" x 0.98" x 9.45", 7.05 oz
2 servings


365 days, room temp


Honda Shoten is currently exporting overseas through trading companies and hopes to grow their sales in the future. Izumo Soba is regional cuisine eaten throughout the Izumo region of Shimane Prefecture. Izumo Soba has a more black-tinted appearance than normal soba noodles. This is because we make our soba with whole grain buckwheat flour made as-is from soba grains (“gen-soba”) in the hull, and knead the whole grain into the flour for a pleasant texture and elasticity that really brings out the flavor. As the producers of the only JAS organic-certified fresh soba noodles in Japan, we maintain that soba flavor with homemade-style flour and a commitment to using no additives.